A Supplemental Food Resource 

Outreach and Special Services

It is our goal at the TVG to reach those that are in need, and let them know they are never alone in their struggle. We strive to embrace community and help grow the understanding that if we stand together our unity will make a stronger and healthier community. The Special Programs we share within the community are self-sufficiency tools through food preservation classes, food harvesting and foraging tools, work experience, letters of recommendation, SNAP/OHP/housing application assistance and community resource sharing. 


Our food distribution is the core of our organization. Through the years we have grown from helping 60 families each week, to over 150 families each week. A true gleaning program where each family/individual that receives food, volunteers/works for their food benefits. We gather food from many different sources, including gleaning foods from fields and backyards within our community.


Established in 2010 along with the City of Beaverton Community Gardens, this is a 4000 sq.ft. area dedicated to learning and growing food for the TVG members. This program is run by our organizations members, has brought in thousands of pounds of fresh, organic produce for low-income children, disabled, and elderly in our community.