A Supplemental Food Resource 

Wish List and Continuing Needs of the Tualatin Valley Gleaners



A scholarship partner, sponsors one or more families per month. This partnership ensures the families that apply and qualify for hardship of membership dues are given full scholarships for monthly supplemental food resources. Many families that are in great need are unable to pay the required monthly dues. The TVG has never turned anyone away for a lack of payment. In keeping with this practice, the TVG monthly budget suffers greatly. By becoming a Scholarship Partner you will be helping to ensure that we can continue this humanitarian effort of supplying help to families in need. Your pledge of  $15.00 per month or more provides at least one month scholarship to families in crisis.

his donation is fully tax deductible and we can supply you with a monthly or quarterly tax receipt. Your name will also be included on our website under Scholarship Partner and you will receive a monthly newsletter, keeping you up to date on all the Tualatin Valley Gleaners current activities

When making your donation please specify that you would like to make continuing monthly contributions. There is a button next to the amount specified, to allow this to be an ongoing monthly payment.

Trucks, Mini-Van's and Trailers
Did you know that each week our low-income members use their personal vehicles to haul up to  10,000lbs of food for distribution.
We have one company van that is our only heavy hauler thanks to one of our generous donors.
 But we are in need of a few more.
Our goal is not to utilize low-income members vehicles to haul food. The stress and weight is hard on everything mechanical and often times the families can not afford repairs if the vehicle breaks down.

We are in need of vehicle donations and / or free mechanic services.

Gift certificates for tire replacement is also a helpful gift. These donations are fully tax deductible and greatly appreciated.


convertible hand trucks that convert to a cart on four wheels/ food carts
resealable bags for distribution
cleaning supplies -
bleach or sanitary wipes, brooms, large garbage bags etc.
pens, printer paper, mailing labels, dry erase markers
food service gloves
non-perishable food
fresh foods (call for pick up)
Gas gift cards for low-income volunteer drivers.
vehicle maintenance and repair

Tree and Field Harvesting Equipment

We are in need to keep updating and adding to our inventory of harvesting equipment.
We are in need of 3 ladders that can be used for various tree harvesting.
We need 1 orchard ladder
, 2 folding ladders that extend to 8 feet tall.
 8 Harvest Aprons, of various sizes

5 gallon buckets w/handles

2 first aid kits

2 medium sized coolers for packing hydration supplies

4 10x10 tarps

drum barrel liners for heavy refuse transport

10 extendable picker poles

Our Mega Wish is to have a small trailer that can help haul all equipment to the pick and harvest sites.

Giving Garden

Soil and soil amendments

plants (vegetable)

hand tools

larger gardening tools; rakes (metal and yard), shovels, wheelbarrows, buckets


garden stakes for tomato plants


Fishing equipment of all kinds, including shellfish equipment

Gift cards or donations to provide licenses for fish harvesting to promote self-sufficiency.

Travel expense donations: gas, lodging, licensing, harvesting for field outings.