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Do you need your tree's gleaned?

Tired of filling up your yard debris cart week after week with all your apples, pears and plums? The Tualatin Valley Gleaners would love to harvest your trees, berries, and crops. We can provide any sized group to glean your harvest. NO pick is too small or too large.


Have you ever wondered what happens when you contact the TVG for a pick of your trees or field?

It starts with filling out this tree registry form below or a phone call to the TVG 503-719-9890,or email: Tualatin Valley Gleaners

We go over the basics of what kind of tree or field we will be picking.

How large of a crew do we need ( we try and have only 1 1/2 - 2 hour picks depending on weather)

how many parking spaces are there

and then we work on scheduling a time.

Many think we can just come and glean the trees or field within a day or two of them calling this is not the case.

We have our major force of people showing up at distribution on Saturdays, and this is our best place to recruit volunteers to pick. Therefore, if you call on a Monday and want the tree picked on Wednesday, we have no time to gather our forces to come pick the trees.

This does not mean it cannot be done; we just need a few extra days. The other factor is how many picks are already scheduled.

We have enough gear to be on two picks at once, but we cannot handle any more than that.


Contact us at least one week before you think you need a tree or field gleans. If you see one or two fruit starting to drop, this is an excellent time to contact us. This allows us plenty of time to gather volunteers and schedule your pick in one of our openings.

We look forward to picking and harvesting your trees and fields.

Together we can make a difference!

"Harvesting the Growing Future"

First and Last Name*

Address of Glean, include city, and Zip*

Contact Phone*

Email Address

Type of Glean

What type of produce do you have (name of tree - or plants)

If Trees are to be gleaned - How many trees do you have?

Select an option

Do you need to be home to allow access to trees/field?

Select an option

Have we gleaned your property before?*

Select an option

Please leave a detailed message or any questions you might have. Thank you for contacting us.

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