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Posted on March 20, 2015 at 4:25 PM

Tualatin Valley Gleaners has been a lifesaver for me. I'm a weekly volunteer and having somewhere to go each week is a great feeling. I like setting things up and being there to help people each week. It has helped with finances so I can more easily pay my other bills each month. Good healthy food is offered at Gleaners, which I probably wouldn't otherwise buy at the store, as it is more expensive than other foods. Gleaners has been a Godsend, as it gives me a feeling of satisfaction each week, like I'm really contributing something of myself. Many people, like myself, are in need of food each week to help feed their families. Gleaners provides that. I feel so lucky that I've found Gleaners. Everyone is accepted, no matter what your race or abilities. --- Susan

TV Gleaners has allowed my family to be able to make our food budget go so much further and allowed us to become part of our bigger community by working together with others to be more aware of our food and extend resource that might otherwise not be available. I have made awesome lifelong friends, and I am able to teach my daughter and sons what it is to help others and yourself. As a society we have become more insular, with a group like TV Gleaners we all work together side by side to achieve for our family and community, that crosses barriers of all kinds. Thank you for letting me be a part of our wonderful group. --- Lori

My favorite thing about gleaners is being able to volunteer and help others. At the same time I am also helping myself and my family. I have really enjoyed the times I have come to volunteer. It has been good for my children to come with me and help. I want to instill in them a heart to serve others. I also want them to learn to help themselves too. This is a good program to hand down through the generations. I didn't live in this area when I was growing up, but my Mom was a member of the gleaners too. It was just in a different part of Oregon. I remember going with her to gleaners and helping. I really enjoyed it when I could go with her to the farms and glean the produce. Then we would go home and can or freeze it. I have been really thankful for the gleans I have been able to go on with the Tualatin Valley Gleaners. My children have enjoyed going with me. We have enjoyed making things like homemade jams/jellies, apple juice, apple pie filling, salsa, canned tomatoes, etc. All from items we got from gleaners.---- Tisha

Community service has always been a passion of mine and being able to volunteer with the Tualatin Valley Gleaners was a great contributor to this passion. Tualatin Valley Gleaners has not only helped me with getting more involved with the community but also learning new communication skills and working with diverse populations. These communication skills that I learned helped me become a better public speaker and more open to giving my opinions during the rest of my high school career and especially now in college with studying to become a nurse. Besides learning skills, TVG has helped my family as well. Before my dad found employment with pay to sustain bills and food, TVG took us in with open arms. Even though the food we received helped us tremendously, it wasn't the only thing that made the Gleaners a great organization. We made great friends as well as making a difference as a whole in the community. It’s nice to know that working for food, can make a big difference in your life. ----Michelle

The McFadden families are and will be forever grateful for having the Tualatin Valley Gleaners come into their lives.

One 'cold call' to a number found for TVG's membership/volunteer organization still seems too good to be true. A devastating on the job injury to one family member followed by a horrific motor vehicle accident turned lives upside down to a new normal. Insurance monies did not begin to cover the financial/medical losses. Trickle down effects from these events led to the inability to pay ordinary expenses and food budgets went out the window.

TVG offers not only fresh foods weekly, but also an 'old fashioned' sensibility to participate and help your neighbor as you help yourself. While the monthly dues are nominal, the volunteer piece is essential to the success of the Gleaners' weekly food distribution.

Behind the scenes a dedicated all volunteer board works tirelessly weekly to obtain all the fresh food stuffs from their gardens, Farmers Markets, grocery donation pick-ups and organized food harvests to make the weekly food distribution, literally a grocery store from which members may select food stuffs possible. The board members, each a true model of 'your good neighbor' have created an inviting, supportive experience for its members. "Please sign up for a food pick," or " can you or your family member come help with weekly food set up, or clean-up," all add up to developing a sense of pride in its members for this organization. And the end product is more people are able to subsidize their food budgets and less food is going to waste; a 'win, win' you might say.

TVG is a wonderful support in several ways as they continue to broaden their mission to include many more resources. TVG provides foods to home-bounds and the disabled, gardening and food prep education, sponsors a family fishing day and offers community service opportunities to local high school students. TVG is truly a remarkable solution for a community as a whole. --- Dolly


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