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Tualatin Valley Gleaners FARM2FOREST fishing education program

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The Tualatin Valley Gleaners is gearing up to Make a Positive Change in our community. We are so blessed to live in the Northwest, where individuals have been able to sustain themselves off the land for many years. We at the TVG believe just because times have changed, and the reliance upon food in the city is from a grocery store, doesn't mean that an individual or family cannot supplement their food from the bounty here in the Northwest. We hold a fishing 101 class every year in June and close our food distribution for Oregon's Free Fishing Weekend to encourage families to go and try their hand at fishing one of our many lakes and rivers. (Many lakes in the city area - on Tri-met are stocked by ODFW) This is part of our FARM2FOREST program, just one more way to make a difference in someones life. Helping them to become more independent on natural resources and less dependent on social resources. If you would like to donate to this cause, we gladly accept gift cards for fishing licenses and new/used fishing equipment.

A new year with renewed community strength

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this past year with the TVG.

We have had some struggles and losses, but for the major part of the year, it has been a success. Our mission of " helping others while working on helping ourselves" has never been lost. We have worked in blazing sun, drenching rains, snow, ice and anything else the weather here in Oregon can throw at us. We have worked with little funds at times, and been blessed with donations that have made the difference in everything. Basically, it has been a journey that has mimiked many of our members personal lives.

Our donors and our recipents have waxed and waned toghether, but as a whole we are stronger than ever.


I was once asked what I thought community really stood for, and what it meant to me. This question made me sit and really focus on the word and deed of community. I wanted to share my answer in hopes it would make clear the concepts the TVG is driven upon.


Interview Question #1 -What does community mean to you?            

Answer, "I think we first have to define what I believe a community is: I see a community as a larger, expanded neighborhood. A neighborhood is a few blocks surrounding your central location, and a community is a group of neighborhoods combined together. So I guess I am saying physically, it is a large area of which you live, dwell, and do business in. Socially however, a community is a mindset that combines all the people together for a common reason, whether it is socially, economically, or for whatever other reason. I hear people say, “In the business community”; so this to me shows how a class or group of individuals working for the same thing can be considered a community even though they do not necessarily have to live around each other.

Now I believe communities, in any capacity in which you choose to use the term, are important because it links people together for a cause or a purpose. Everyone has or should have a vested interest in the area they live in, do business in, go to school or let their children play in. Uniting for a common reason brings about acceptance within a society. You might not agree with everything the person living next door believes in, but because both of you want to see the crosswalk put in down the street, you can come together putting your differences aside and fight for the crosswalk at the city hall meeting. This type of behavior not only promotes tolerance, it breaks barriers down uniting people.

A Community is really what I see America was trying to be, one big community, many voices, ideas, colors, religions all fighting for the same reason; to be free, to be different. The idea of community for the TVG is important because it pulls families, schools, businesses, land owners and local government together to stand for a united cause of a basic human right: Access to quality nutritious foods for all people, no matter their income, and a right to work for their food with dignity.

It used to be when towns were first being created that a group of like minded individuals would come together and live near each other. Everyone wants to be accepted for their thoughts and actions, so it only makes sense that you would surround yourself with individuals just like yourself. Well in this society, those liberties aren’t as easily come by. We have these democratic states, republican states, cities that have more of one religion than another but, in all those states, and cities and even neighborhoods you can find someone who is different than the majority. We truly live in a melting pot. The differences that are seen the most now is in ethnicity and economical classes. And at the TVG diversity is our strong suit. I would use the formula that community plus diversity equals strength. As a community comes together many voices can become one. It used to be said that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Then as I was growing up I heard, it is cheaper to replace the squeaky wheel versus fixing it – so sit down and be quiet before you are replaced. As an adult I started running into more and more people that were afraid to advocate for their needs and beliefs. I watched and learned from history that one person might be dismissed and even ridiculed for their beliefs, but when two, three, four people stood up and said we all feel this way – then they still might have been laughed at but they were heard! So community can be beneficial in the fact that when many stand for the same thing and work for a common goal, that they are too expensive to just replace, they will need to be fixed."

I added this today, because I felt it important to show - this is the continued direction of the Tualatin Valley Gleaners.

We have not lost sight of our goals of bringing a renewed strength to our community, and helping those that need help.

As a strong community we can make a difference, we can bring change for the betterment of the whole.

Thank you for reading,

Heather Thompson

Tualatin Valley Gleaners

Board President

Executive Program Director


BASKETS OF JOY ARE COMING! It is that time of year again!

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The Tualatin Valley Gleaners is so excited to announce we are once again sponsoring the “BASKETS OF JOY” Holiday program. We will be kicking of the Collection Season on November 22nd, 2014 at the BEAVERTON FARMERS HARVEST MARKET from 9:00am – 1:30pm. Thing 1 and Thing 2 will be joining us in the festivities and greeting each patron with a smile, and a gift for the children.

Here are the specifics on our BASKETS OF JOY DONATION PROGRAM.

Tualatin Valley Gleaners is giving 500 needy families in Washington County and SW Portland “Baskets of Joy”. These baskets include:

• A holiday meal,

• Housekeeping and personal hygiene products,

• In addition, two gifts per seniors citizen, disabled adult, and children under the age of 18. (This equates to approx.1200 children, seniors and disabled adults receiving gifts.)

You can help these families by donating items from the enclosed list to help fill a few of these baskets. We also accept financial contributions and gift cards for the purchase of these items if that is more preferable than direct food or gift donations. Your donations are tax deductible because we are a 501(c)(3) supplemental food program (Tax I.D # 30-0340412). Because we are an all-volunteer organization 100% of your donation is used to benefit local families in need, which means your contribution has a much bigger impact in the community.

• Food only for a family of 4 - $ 20.00

• Toys only for two children - $30.00

• Food and Toys for family of four - $50.00

We will be conducting the collection of cash, food, and non-food donations for our Baskets of Joy from November 22nd to December 19th.

The Baskets of Joy will be distributed by December 20th, 2014.

I will be giving updates, including the entire drop off location list throughout the city in November – please keep checking back for more information.



2014 Annual Members Potluck and Meeting

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All Members of the Tualatin Valley Gleaners are invited to the anual members meeting on AUG.17th - at Schiffler Park in Beaverton time is 4:30pm - till dusk. Please bring your favorite salad, desert or entree. This meeting is alcohol free! Non- Alcoholic beverages will be provided.

We will be giving away volunteer awards, as well as announcements from the Board of Directors on the year end information and the changes coming to the TVG in this new fiscal year.

All are welcome, from young to old. Be sure to bring a blanket, and chairs to sit in.

See you all there.

Summer Fresh Food Drive 2014

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We are gearing up for the Summer Fresh Food Drive. Our Largest Food Drive of the Year! The Fresh Food Drive is a great way to donate fresh, healthy, local foods to those in need. You can donate fresh foods purchased at the markets, or bring items from home. We are always in need of personal hygiene items as well as pet supplies. As you shop the local markets, come look for us - please feel free to stop by and say hello, and learn more about your local gleaning program. This is this summers schedule of events.

July 13 - Tigard Farmers Market

July 19th - Beaverton Farmers Market

July 23rd -Forest Grove Farmers Market

July 25th -Tualatin Farmers Market

July 26th - downtown Hillsboro Farmers' Market

July 27th -Orenco Farmers Hillsboro Farmers' Market

July 31st - North Plains Farmers Market

Aug. 2nd - Cedar Mill Farmers Market